The water required for technological processing is provided by two wells of 100 m and subjected to reverse osmosis process as shown in the diagram below. Organic and inorganic materials dissolved in water input and microorganisms present in it have much larger molecular size than the ultrafine pores of the membrane semiimpermeabile and cannot  get to the filtered water. Thus, the accumulated filtered water contains only water molecules. The process of reverse osmosis equipment does not require any chemical treatment of the water, removes up to 99 % of dissolved inorganic and organic contaminants in the water, eliminate up to 99 % of the biological contaminants (bacteria , viruses , fecal Streptococci) and provides an excellent quality of filtered water filtered, irrespective of the quality of the incoming water .


The plant used at AQUADOR, whose activity is the production of all kinds of waters is shown above: the plant operates at pressures between 7 and 25 bar depending on the volume of water purified. Multiple membranes are arranged in parallel, a high degree of purification is reached through additional membranes in series. AQUADOR uses one of the most effective water purification methods regarding very dangerous primary contaminants: arsenic, asbestos, atrazine (herbicides / pesticides), fluoride, lead, mercury, nitrates, nitrites and radium.

Using equipment with activated carbon filters enables the filtration of volatile organic contaminants bezen, trichlorethylene, trihalomethanes, etc. . The plant can also remove biological components of harmful source as Giardia and Cryptosporidium. In conclusion, reverse osmosis is a relatively new application, a process very efficient highly prevalent in modern societies, and certainly will play a major role in people's future lives. Given the focus on water quality, AQUADOR recently invested in the modernization of its technology and currently produces three types of water:

  • plain water through reverse osmosis
  • slightly carbonated mineral water; AQUADOR adopted an original German recipe including carbon dioxide: enrichment of reverse osmosis water with minerals and carbon dioxide in a small amount allowing bottling.
  • water with lemon flavor; lemon flavor is added to reverse osmosis water giving a refreshing taste and adjusting the pH value. It is preferred by women in general and especially for those concerned about weigh increae, reducing the appetite for food.

In addition AQUADOR offers a wide range of juices with a major percentage of natural concentrate always putting emphasis on the health of its customers. Based on the well known principle that "the colder the better and healthier" AQUADOR provides modern water coolers and dispensers.


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